Balancing Your Chakras

How Chakra Bead Jewelry Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing Balancing your chakras is an important aspect of maintaining good health and wellbeing. Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to different physical, emotional, and spiritual states. When the chakras are balanced, the body and mind are in harmony, and when they are Read More

Gemstones for Chakra Healing

The word Chakra means energy , centre points of the body   List of Chakras In Order Root (or Base) Chakra Sacral (or Navel) Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Heart Chakra Throat Chakra Third Eye (or Brow) Chakra Crown Chakra Gemstones/ Crystals are  powerful healing energies that you can harness to balance particular chakras. What crystals heal Read More

What’s Trending for Summer

So often you’ll get that itch to shop in order to refresh  your fashion jewelry collection.  This year it’s becoming more evident to buy earrings, necklaces and bracelets. So much choice out there! The latest trends include big and bold, beaded jewelry and standout earrings. Beaded necklace, Bracelets are all the rage. From healing stones Read More

Spring is coming!

Spring is around the corner!  The color trends for 2022 are : Pink, lilac, canary yellow, blue and caramel.  Why not incorporate the colors with jewelry Lilac This gemstone bracelet made with natural Amethyst with a purple rhine will set off any outfit.     Caramel This natural Red Jasper and Agate bracelet will add an Read More