Tiger Eye Gemstone and Wooden Tibetan-Style Bracelet


Handmade protective Tiger Eye gemstone and wooden Tibetan-style bracelet with 18k gold plated Zircon beads. Promotes harmony and balance.

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Stand out with this handmade, one-of-a-kind bracelet featuring natural Tiger Eye gemstones and wooden Tibetan-style beads. The natural Tiger Eye is said to be protective against negative forces and promotes harmony and balance. Two 18k gold plated Zircon beads add an extra touch of elegance to this unique piece. Perfect for daily wear or as a special gift for a loved one. Add a touch of natural beauty to your jewelry collection with this handmade, protective bracelet.


  • Length (undone) 480mm/48cm

  • Natural Tiger eye gemstones

  • Natural wooden beads

  • Tibetan style beads

  • 18k gold plated Zircon beads

  • Nylon-coated Stainless Steel wire

  • Stainless steel lobster clasps / chain



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